Laurie Trent


Laurie Trent

Assistant instructor
Dorset UMA

In my late 50’s I decided to get fit and lose weight and after research I went for Choi Kwang Do. I have been training for just over 3 years and progressed to belt Brown Belt Senior which means shortly I will be able to grade for my IL Dan Black Belt.

The journey has not been easy at times but always enjoyable as you will only ever train to your limits and the Instructors adapt the class to suit your abilities but stay within the Syllabus . It does take determination and hard work but it is made easier when you have classmates who encourage you to achieve. I became an Assistant Instructor to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained to help new students reach their potential.

I’m definitely fitter and have lost the best part of 1. 5 stone and would highly recommend this sport to anyone seeking to get fitter or lose weight and you get the added bonus of learning self-defense and becoming a Black Belt in a Martial which is pretty cool too , onwards and upwards. as we say Pil Seung (certain Victory)


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